Friday, July 31, 2009

As you might know, I am headed to Poland in a few weeks. This of course means POTTERY. Lots and lots of pottery. (See here for trip number one.)

Basically, I need money for pottery :) Ha ha! So, I have decided to have a sale. If you choose one of my pre-made headers, I will customize it with photos and/or your blog title for 15 DOLLARS (usually 25!). Extras can be added on beyond that (such as signature, divider, etc.).

I will sell each header only once. So here is your chance to get a custom blog design for only 15 dollars!!

Here are the headers I have available:
(Some have pictures and titles so you can get a sense of what they would look like.)

Of course, if you would like a complete custom design, I can do that as well!

Email me (bluestarblogs at gmail dot com) if you are interested. Tell your friends! Help a sista buy pottery! :)

And if I have done a blog design for you, please share your experience in the comments. You know, so people know I'm not mean and crazy. :)


Anonymous said...

casey, will these work for wordpress?

family of 4 on the move! said...

I have been looking everywhere for someone to help me design my blog!! Please help me! I absolutely love your blog design (total red, white blue freak)! I am new to blogging and not quite sure how all of it works so accept my appologies if I get confused.

Oh btw Polish pottery rocks!! My only problem with it is there are so many fabulous patterns that I can't buying it!! Haha